The Problem of my addons the true story 2013-2014

Hey, its me davidof9
Well anyways, i wanted to talk about the problem of my addons i am having while playing Garry’s mod
(At least wen i did play it)
Well i left Garry’s mod because the Addon problem i’m having PROBLEM: I can’t download addons how much i ever try in the game it will say “Nothing found”
I have re-installed my game loads of times, checked the chase and other stuff, contacted you guys some months ago, and steam too. No one actually helped.

(Silly me commented on Garry :smiley: profile today 2014.10.27 )
No idea if that is going to help , i reported the problem on his profile as i am desperately needing the problem to get fixed
I searched the huge internet for the “Fix” but all i got is “SAME HERE” or “PLZ HELP”
it has been a year, a long year with no garry’s mod, it was the most fun and unique game i played and i wish i could now too.