The problem with the new Rotate Cooldown

Main problem I find with this new feature, is that I cannot rotate my doors when I come back and realize they are facing an undesirable way. Armored doors are not meant to be removed just so I can have the chance to rotate them again.

I really don’t see any real problems with being able to rotate your stuff infinitely.

Then don’t upgrade them to armored right away…

Dont upgrade your doors to armored? Sure sounds like a smart move.

i can’t see a reason to rotate a door after it’s been placed properly. for one thing, check it’s correct while its still twig, and you can smash it with 2 hits from a rock. there’s no reason to upgrade to armored until you are sure of placement, so i start to doubt that it’s “doors” that you want to rotate indefinitely but rather stairs etc for a doorway block…

I said “right away” you illiterate monkey.

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So guys, I just ran into a HUGE problem here.

My door was facing the right way when it was wood and when ti was sheet metal, but now that it’s armored the collider is larger and I cant get around it on my triangle foundation.

I’m locked in my own house now and it’s a problem specific to armored.

This is not a problem at all. You have TEN WHOLE MINUTES to figure out what orientation your door is being placed at. It doesn’t change every time, just use your eyeballs and figure out which side it places, and REMEMBER IT. There, you’ll never place a door incorrectly ever again.

valid issue, but not really due to the ability to rotate the block so much as the size of the armoured door entity. hope it gets adjusted for you soon:)

And whats happen after u find large woodbox bp ???

Either plan ahead, rebuild or make a new base. It’s really not that difficult.

You place it, ideally.

Doors are a building component that should be rotatable long after creation, we can take the hinges off doors in our own home and move them, why can’t we rotate doors in Rust long after creation?

Stairs, Foundations, Walls and other building components are understandable to be un-rotatable after a time period. But doors? no.

This could be easily remedied by giving the same 10 minute timer for rotation when upgrading walls as well as creating them.

Just place the door correctly the first time. This is seriously a non-issue.

I think I did run into a bug though. I had a door frame upgraded to wood with a door on it and I could rotate the door but not the frame itself (this was well before the 10min). Anyone else gotten this?

You’re looking at this strictly from a builders perspective…when raiding, once i have authed the tool cabinet, I regularly use the ability to rotate stuff so that I can say move stairs from blocking an unbarred window, or more recently, rotate a wal to turn the weak side out to use less recources to break thru. This change makes those options unavaliable, and that’s fine if it was considered and done intentionally, but I suspect it wasn’t.

You’re doing it wrong…

I have been advocating for a while that you don’t need one giant building. That if you need to expand you should add another building instead.

Here is what garry has to say:

It was indeed thought of before hand, and was deliberately changed so that raiders couldn’t abuse it to save resources. You’re going to have to be more clever while stealing from others.

let me clarify my position a bit. i think the cupboard should be gone, along with it’s magic forcefield. i think that you should be able to rotate/destroy placed blocks for 1 minute after you set them. after that, you should need to break them, regardless of builder or raider, to get rid of them. there is (IMO) no reason to be able to shuffle components of a building at all, but it makes sense to allow players a small window to correct errors in placement to avoid wasting resources, and to make the game less frustrating.

rotate/destroy should never have become a part of raiding tactics.