The problem with very large builds and stairways to heaven.

Some budding architect on the Seattle server has built, near the satellite dish, a long stairway to heaven. I would not normally mind but during daylight time in Rust it makes the game unplayable. The additional CPU cost to render the shadows of this monstrous build slows everything down to a crawl. During night time it all speeds up.

The stair:

The shadows (the rectangular shapes just above my water gun):

I can imagine people doing this just to annoy people. Maybe there should be a build height ceiling. I know Rust is yet to be optimized, but with very large builds I can see things slowing down no matter what.

Just for the record, I’m loving Rust.

i dont know a solution atm, but it is truly a problem.

Garry said that eventually there will be a physics system in place for buildings. I.e., knock out a support, and the ceiling comes tumbling down. This will fix your stairway to heaven problem.

Like Farmer maggot said, This will be fixed sooner or later, but man it cannot release fast enough. Until then, kill all stairway creators!

“Until then, kill all stairway creators!”

That better not include Led Zepplin in the kill list.

Hmm… I would not like to see a build height ceiling at all. This would really limit our creativity. Why not instead, limit the distance that shadows fall? Only the first 5 or six floors cast a shadow on the ground. After all, something that is 500 ft up is not going to cast a visible shadow on the ground below. Shadows should only be visible for the 5 or 6 floors immediately below the object.

Of course, that explains the well known phenomenon of mountains letting sunlight through them.

To the OP - I have been guilty of doing this in the past, I’ll knock it off.

500 ft up building have nothing to do in a survival game IMO… Shack, house and small fortress should be all what we see…

Airplanes cast a visible shadow from 35,000 feet.

Okay, Okay. SOME things cast a visible shadow from 500 ft, doh! But we were talking about stairways here, not mountains, I don’t think the mountain shadows are causing lag. My point is, a wooden stairway that rose 500 ft up into the air would only probably cast a shadow for the first 5 or 6 floors, then it would fade away to nothing… this could potentially solve the problem, no?

Sounds good to me.

All things being equal, I would prefer folks not be able to build physically impossible structures 500 ft into the sky.

Well as the 3rd post here says, there will be a physics system.

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