The Procession of Bill

:siren:must play theme music:siren:

Feel free to add your images of mourning.

"everything is going according to plan"

I knew it was Nick. That ba…

Clipping on Ellis hand and stretcher. Otherwise nice posing and idea.


Bill will rise again…With the power… Of a god!

I’m already tired of Bill threads.

He’s a–Was a national icon.

Bill’s not even a real person.

A virtual character from the game L4D.

Cry more nerds.

A virtual character from the game L4D??? NO it can’t be. Lies ALL LIES:(

Stop being silly. Of course people know. But people become found of characters in a good book. How else would you enjoy the book. Or the movie, or the game. Use you imagination.

Bill soul is now in garry’s mod, for now he is part of garry’s mod.

Reminds me of an old portrait of a certain Swedish king who died from getting shot in the head with a canonball.

Almighty Bill, You shall live forever. YOU WILL DO THE MISSION, OF KILLING ALL ZOMBIES.

where can I get that stretcher?

Shame he was immune, he could transform into one wicked zombie.

A smoker?

We’ll just have to wait till we get to the Bill mutation for l4d2. (remember? we found all the names of them, including one called Bill)


yea im retarded for not knowing whats going on with this whole bill thing but im tired of it two