The Professional - Part 1 - The Story about a Killer

Hey Everyone!
Im from Germany, so sorry for my english ^^ I’ll give my best though.
I’m always watching what others are doing in Gmod and I’m amazed what people can do with their imagination and their skills.
I’m pretty new to GMOD but I now give it a try and for a start i made a comic styled Story about a Killer what i think could be pretty interesting.
This is my first try and my first poses so please C&C it. I’m very open to learn :slight_smile:
Tell me who you like the story so far and if you want to see it continue.

I don’t know if that is right but I uploaded the pictures on and I will post the link to them here:

If it’s okay that way or if theres another way to make them appear pls tell me.

Your Larry123

All that blood and not a speck on his suit. That’s professional.

There’s a lot of errors. After how he was in the hotel. The blast would have been heard, and him disposing the weapon like that, the police would find it. He blew up his own room, so the hotel staff have an ID on him. He was probably seen on CCTV, etc.

tl;dr he will be caught

I want to be a detective, so I know a fair amount on stuff like this.

Why does the elderly Caucasian receptionist suddenly turn Asian for a panel?

Hotels normally have more than one receptionist. :v:

Steve Wu-chan the amazing elderly race changing receptionist

One day he’s a Ghetto man, the next, a mansion lad!

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There are two receptionists at the beginning when you look closely at the third picture. The asian receptionist is talking to the annoying guest in the white shirt ^^

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Yeah your right. The situation after the explosion is a bit strange. But the Disposal of the gun is planed. I’ve already made a part 2 where new protagonists appear. Maybe he dropped his gun for a reason? :slight_smile:

I like how this professional keeps dropping some evidence on the scene… Rifle, phone…

Wait for Part 2 ^^

You should just join all panels in one or more images and post them as [IMG*]“URL of the picture”[/IMG*], without the *.

It’s a decent start for a comic maker, but you can improve. You should start working with layouts; comics aren’t just a sequence of pictures, their layout helps express the story. Here’s an example from an actual comic on how a dynamic layout can help improve the reading experience. If you have an editing program like Photoshop or GIMP, feel free to use this tutorial I once made on comic layouts, it’s not too complicated and it might help give you some pointers on how to start putting some more work into editing.

Another thing you should learn is how to work with GMod’s Camera tool. The zoom function can help the comic look better and more interesting; plus, if you zoom in instead of approaching the model yourself, you avoid the fisheye lens effect. Think of yourself as the director and cameraman in a movie while doing the comic and learn how to position yourself or in-game cameras to get the best shot, the one that’s most interesting and tells the story better.

Well, for now, those are my tips for how to become a better comic maker. You have promise, so try to build on that.

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot! Get some free fonts for your speechbubbles and editing effects. I think that’s mentioned in my tutorial for editing, but it can’t hurt to repeat here. Blambot is a great source for such fonts.

I’m confused about the guy in the white shirt. I guess he counts as a witness because he will see the agent, but he could of easily knocked him out or just ran out the door and not have been spotted. There really wasn’t a need to kill him, this guy is already dropping his guns everywhere.

Saw a title instantly thoght of this

I like how much effort you put into your comic. Would love to read part 2.

Wow thanks for this reply Mythos :slight_smile: Although it’s very much work I think it will help me improve my comic. I was just searching for something like it :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll try my best to continue with the story but i have to work and only have a short amount of time. But I promise there will be a second part :slight_smile:

why the fuck would he throw away his phone and his gun?

that’s fucking criminal 101 of what not to do.