The "profile" page on playrust

If you click garry or pat’s name in the latest developments you will be taken to a page like this:

This little profile feature potential uses in my eyes, as it can show the account’s owner, information, and possibly in the future their steam account.

I’m wondering if there are verified future plans for this.

Also from one garry’s updates:

Wouldn’t this be a better alternative to “fingerprints”? I mean clicking on the guy’s name and checking out their profile sounds much easier.

Yea but i wanted to see a finger print scanner in the game or blood tests or some weird cool shit.

While you are at it, might as well add dirty bombs that can be made with depleted plutonium, metal fragments, and gun powder.

ok ok what i said was too much :frowning: your idea is fine i guess.

I didn’t say it was too much, I just said if you are going to add that much of high tech you might as well add a lot more of high tech stuff.

Yeah and lets add that nice new Porche 918 and a Prius with gas pumps with outrageous gas prices

It would be cool to have some sort of emblem that you design prior to playing that is your “fingerprint”. Then you could put it on your house make flags, signs, use them to mark that you just raided someone, whatever, and then if you had a group of people you could do another flag as a “group flag” so that you could have a team base and even have an area staked out by the flags where if you are in that area your group can access that base and when you add and remove people from a group it could be like a roster deal.

Might as well add jet engines.

its in alpha bro they might ad passwords and security shit

Why the fuck are you all saying “its alfa lololo!!!11”?
The point of the alpha stage is to gather bugs and feedback.

There is, in fact, a huge fucking plane that flys by every day dropping shit off. :v:

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I know right. I think it may just be the fact that like 85% of the Rust population got here from Minecraft and DayZ.