The Progenitor Project

The Progenitor Project is a Left 4 Dead campaign based on the Resident Evil: Rebirth title originally developed for the Gamecube.

The aim is to make a full campaign (4-6 maps long) with support for Co-Op, Versus, and Survival modes, taking players through the eerie halls of the Spencer Estate.

The first teaser video can be found below, including a couple screenshots of the Main Hall. More info and screenshots can be found at

Full size

Full size

An update for the Progenitor Project I’m hard at work on!

This update showcases the Dining Room area of the Arklay Research Facility. If you take a gander at the trailer, you’ll see that there will definitely be puzzle elements. :wink:


As before, up-to-date info, more media, and recent news can be found at!

This just doesn’t look like Source.

It looks absolutely fantastic.

So it’s a lot of models?

Wow. Pure win. Have an artsy.

There are a lot of models, yes. Most of the detail you see would be nigh impossible to do in brushwork.

Though I invite you to take a gander at some of the original static background images used for RE: Rebirth and compare them to the campaign I’m working on. I’m confident you will find them strikingly similar. :slight_smile:

This is one of the best maps I’ve seen, definetely the best recently, just the attention to detail.

Holy… That is dining room is veeery smexy.

Mind if I cry?

I’ve been making the mansion for a while, here you come and; A. produce more than me, and B. Do it a helluva lot better. God speed.

Well back to Raccoon city I suppose. :keke:

Epic dawg

Suck it Valve.

Wow, I was scrolling down the thread going wow he’s going to try and replicate this map in hammer(looking at the pictures, I didn’t read it.) And when I got to the post implying you made this I started to shit bricks.

Thanks for the comments! Though I’m not trying to discourage anyone from their own ventures. If you’d like, I don’t mind this thread becoming a “Resident Evil Map WIPs” thing. Showcase what you are/were working on! I’m always glad to see RE fans.

I’ve gotten lots of comments along the lines of, “how long did that take to compile in Max/Maya/etc.?” Truth be told, this is in the Source engine, and when it’s done you will be able to play it. :wink:


As I’ve said from seeing this in other places like the WIP thread a while ago, this looks unreal for source. Well done, this will get valves attention for sure, too bad that it’s kind of copyright and stuff.

I came

I thought for a second this was made for a more recent engine. Amazing work.

are you goin to do the whole manson with puzzles?

You sir, are a sex.

Change the name and Valve will love you. :3

In that spirit, here you go. :wink:

If you don’t recognize it think “beginning of RE:3” I’m going to make as much of Raccoon City as I can. It’s for a Resident Evil Role-play community. For those interested, go HERE.

Lol, you should recognize it now. :dance:

The map has progressed further than what you see, I haven’t got any recent screens but I’ll get to you on that later.