The Progression of Firearms in Rust

First off, let me start by saying that yes, I recognize it is alpha and yes, I know the military guns are temporary. The intention of this thread is to perhaps shed some light on how I believe firearms should progress in the game.

As players progress out of the spear, bow, javelin, etc. stage of their lives and begin to master firearms, I think they should not immediately jump to pipe shotguns and prison revolvers.

1st Level Firearm - Arquebus
Crude, basic and inaccurate firearm that utilizes black powder and rounded stones stuffed into a pipe resting on a wooden stock. Slow to reload.
10 cloth (for grip) + 50 wood + 50 metal pieces to build
Ammo is 1 stone + 5 gunpowder

Hand Cannon (Already in-game.)

2nd Level Firearms - Flintlock
More refined firearm utilizing flint and steel to ignite the gunpowder and fire the round. More accurate and damaging than aquebus but still slow to reload.
50 cloth (for sling) + 100 wood + 100 metal pieces to build
Ammo is 10 metal pieces + 10 gunpowder

Pipe Shotgun (Already in-game.)

3rd Level Firearm - Needle Gun
A firing pin pierces a paper cartridge to ignite the percussion cap behind the bullet. Faster to reload, capable of firing 5 shots. Add springs as a required construction material.
50 cloth (for sling) + 50 wood + 30 low grade metal + 1 small spring
Ammo is 10 metal pieces + 10 gunpowder + 1 paper

4th Level Firearms - Bolt Action Rifle (Already in-game.)
Revolver (Already in-game.)
Replace 5.56 and 9mm with handcrafted metal cartridges. Add springs as a required construction material for bolt action.

5th Level Firearms - Crude Grease Gun
Submachine gun that uses handcrafted metal cartridges from revolver. Magazine capacity of 30 rounds. Less range than a rifle.
10 cloth (grip) + 50 low grade metal + 1 large spring + 1 small spring
Semi-automatic Handgun
Handgun that uses handcrafted metal cartridges from revolver. Magazine capacity of 12 rounds. Faster to reload than revolver.
10 cloth (grip) + 20 low grade metal + 2 small springs

As you can see, there is a natural progression to each level of firearm. The most powerful of them would be the grease gun and even that has its cons (range).

I like it!

Sounds like a pretty good list but i’m not sure how I feel about a needle gun. List also needs more guns/progression but i’m sure more will come later on.

Personally I’d like to see a crafting system still including the military weapons. However:

  • Military guns are only obtainable by obtaining parts from chests (or mobs if they should ad new npc’s)
  • Gun parts are rare, some rare then others.
  • To make a gun you need all the parts (about 8-10 parts? grip, barrel, magazine, spring, trigger etc.)
  • Different guns have different parts, you can try to modify them (on a higher level workbench) but there is a high chance they will break trying so.
  • When dying there’s a high chance that one or more of your gun parts break (and the separate part cannot be repaired and should be replaced)
  • Some gun parts (for example the trigger, barrel or spring) can have flaws which only become apparent after first use. These flaws can cause the gun to be unreliable (jam, bad aim etc), not work at all or the part breaks on first use.

Nice list, but I feel like progression should be stretched out a bit more. Automatic weapons should be endgame, but it should also be the hardest to reach and most valuable to maintain(same goes for their ammo). I would also like to see better bows and different arrow types as a part of the progression.

I feel like the game should be more about the single shot, less about automatic fire.

I think that is really stupid thinking in Military weapons, when you dont have any electricity or machines that allows you to craft it.

You actually don’t need electricity to make a gun, as strange as it sounds. It would just take a while longer. Same goes for the machines. The result may be cruder as well, but you have to start somewhere.

It can be 2 types of weapons, handcrafted and machine crafted then.

Everything I listed does not require machinery. Not even the needle gun. They were made by hand before they were ever put into factories. Someone recently posted a whole thread with Chechen and Russian mobster guns made out of things like pipes and car parts.

Factory machinery will give you a cleaner and nicer product but it is not always necessary. You can even rifle a barrel without machinery. Remember, barrels were rifled prior to factories right on the frontier of America before the industrial revolution hit our shores.

I like this comment. Possbily instead of find a fully functional military gun, you find a damaged one and you have to take it back to a work bench and dismantle it to find the good pieces to use and have to use blue prints on it. Being able to craft a full gun right off the bat is just too over powered currently. This is a great way of balancing the game.

If no machinery is going to be used, i think that the weaponry have to be not perfect, like it is right now in most of cases. And then, if you want to make nice weapons like M4 you need machinery.

I agree… I think that a selection of bow weapons should be added into the progression and actually be the better choice at the lower levels. It could look something like this:

Level 1
Hunting bow (already in game)

level 2
short bow (fires faster, less damage)
Light cross bow (like some kids make in High School shop class) (fires slower, more damage)

Level 3
Long bow (fires faster, same damage as light cross bow)
Heavy cross bow (fires slower, more damage)

Level 4
Crude compound bow (fires faster, same damage as heavy cross bow)
crude compound cross bow (fires slower, more damage)

Level 5
Compound bow (fires faster, same damage as crude compound cross bow)
compound cross bow (fires slower, more damage)

Of course, the higher up the levels you get the harder and harder to get the blueprint and parts should be.

Bad idea because without a way to easily/completly protect your stash it will make everyone that attains the heighest level a try-hard or cheating admin and everyone else will leave for other games. Lets face it, going this meticilious turns rust into a job. Sorry but i bought this game because of the slight similiarity to minecraft + dayz, not so i can play lets-craft-a-lathe and maybe next week i might get a shot off.

What i want is more primitive primitive-weapons, i.e. cross-bow, Knives, spears, staffs, flaming arrows, a way to burn down houses with torches, leg traps for killing people and deer, hidden-pit-of-spike traps etc, and i want modern weapons + rpgs + grenade-launchers + vehicles. No crusty handcannon/revolver crap… I.e. anything from the movie Predator would work perfectly, and i don’t care if the people that want to play singleplayer|crafting all day leave this game. Sorry but that sort of gameplay truely is a waste of time.

Might as well quit now because the military grade stuff is only going to become much much harder to obtain according to Gary.

No electricity? Well I am sure we could solve that with the implementation of a generator type thing which runs off of a refined version of the low grade fuel?