The Prone Mod

So I’m releasing my Prone Mod that used to be on ScriptFodder.

Stalker (me) - Responsible for the lua stuff
Stiffy360 - Responsible for the model related stuff
aStonedPenguin - Moral support, and cuz he wanted me to put him up here

Download Links
Workshop Link
Github Link

The code for the Nutscript/Clockwork version is pretty ugly. I’ve improved a lot since. :smile:
Check the Workshop description for more information.


Forgot to make it public, oops.

Haha nice one

If only $includemodel was in the Lua state :frowning: Anyway, great work!

How come you’re putting this on here now?
Just curious

you’re amazing for releasing it publicly,
it’s a great addon that alot more servers should utilize.[/T]



i genuinely feel bad for all the shit your buyers who have no self-awareness are giving you

you’re amazing

You’ve simultaneously made many people happy and sad. I would also like to know why you took it down.

Any chance of getting the SMD files for integrating with other animations?

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It’s sad I recognize these people from the job section. I won’t say which, but one of them resold addons that were made for them.

Oh no, $5 :ohno:

don’t download it all at once!

Yeah I’ll throw these on the GitHub tomorrow.


Why does everyone care so much about it being free?

I bought it too. Just because it’s now free doesn’t mean that they didn’t get good use out of it or get to use it at all, lol.

Being dumb, misread the thread.

Comment from another thread. On nonessential items consumers satisfaction has to do with generally ONLY transactions(merits of the purchase). So if the user feels that free is better than paying 5 dollars then they might have a negative experience.

bigserver men don’t like to see things they payed for get released free when they {insert bigserver man joke}

but really thanks for the release, it’s a nice addon.

Uh - it’s rather the small server men that should be pissed off.