The prop name of a HL2 button?

I don’t think anyone knows the answer to this question. I’m looking for the prop name of the button entity that opens garage doors.
I think it might be called garagedoor_button1.

I couldn’t really find one similiar to the one you mentioned, so here are some, you might as well attempt to search for it yourself as well, there’s not much information to go on here.

Maybe there’s a slight chance it’d be one of those.

cool, great list.

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I hoped PrintTable( GetEyeTrace() ) would tell me more.

Map decompile and Valve Hammer Editor will make this question.

Q > Browse > Games > HL2, or Q > Search > “button”

Spawnmenu is the most useful tool in searching models ( and content in general ) for your mods.

or you could try doing something like this in console
[LUA]lua_run_cl print(LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace().Entity:GetModel())[/LUA]
and aim at the button.

not sure if it would just return world but eh

It shouldn’t, the button is a separate func_button entity… You could also do:
for _,v in pairs(ents.FindByClass(“func_button”)) do

on a HL2 map with some buttons.

func_button is a brush entity, this code will give you something like


Yea you’re right I have no idea what I was thinking a func_* is a brush volume surrounding the button which would be like a prop_*

Ah, I wish I understood better.
So is it possible to spawn brush entities?

Yes it is. But you need brush model. You can use inmap models. How to create new brush models idk(if it posible).

nope. But you can use propper to convert models into props

Using Lua meshes.