The Prop Possessor Gun

I know it’s kinda lame, but here it goes…

One of my lesser guns, I guess it was a big hit with people on my server, and they’d been wanting me to release one of my guns so here it is.

Nautical’s Prop Possessing Gun!
New, out of the Nautical Sciences G-mod Enrichment Center, the Prop Possessing gun;
Any prop that’s shot by this gun will bounce and hover for around 5 seconds, before violently attacking the nearest humans disturbing it’s aura!

Point at a prop or ragdoll[EFFIN HILARIOUS]
Watch as it attacks everyone around it.
Reload to stop all floating props, but be warned;
once a prop becomes violent, it can’t be stopped!

Thanks to everyone at the enrichment center for putting up with the continuous crashes and annoying explosions, I really appreciate


don’t be too hard on me :slight_smile:

So you ARE the prop or you shoot the prop and the prop goes whee?

I think the prop just goes whee.

I found a bug: if you use this on a explosive prop it will crash Gmod.

Now I can bring my Companion Cube back to life!

Sounds sweet…

Fix the explosive prop thing and you got my download.

Hm. See what you mean. I just tried it on 6 barrels, and it crashed after a bit, but one barrel seems fine. I’ll put a cap on the amount of props you use at a time, I think three is more than enough.

This is cool. If it’s anything like the old one it should be really fun to pick thousands of cans and just point them at my friends. Also, bit, well actually a lot off topic, I’M WRITING ON MY TOUCH SCREEN EFFIN’ SWEET.

I heard you like dudes. Is this true?

This is awesome xD Its like an auto minge but nobodys doing anything

Well done!

This would have to be admin only, minges would get ahold of it and have hundreds of Possessed props.

Good job reading the thread

I sense a letalis. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shit, lol… I read that post too… Damn, ignore my above post hehe.

This thing is epic!! Just get it a little more stable, and it’s gonna be on “most popular”!

I thiught it was replaced with the “Black Magic” swep? ::?

Wow… a good idea!
Maybe adding some kind of menu, where we can set up the targets, the attack force of the stuff, and the target’s maximal distance?

Wait, shutup!
I just thought of something.
What if you could crash a server if you did this to an explosive prop?

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - mahalis))


(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - mahalis))