The Proper Roleplay

After reading approximately 12 threads on how much people hate the roleplaying nowadays, I’ve decided to pitch in a little bit and make roleplaying they way it should where the events that happen are run by you rather than thousands of lines of script just like we did in older games like starcraft or any other multiplayer game. I unfortunately only have the skill of mapping so the little coding we do need to at least make the roleplay feel right (eg. some much needed sweps like keys and removal of useless sweps like the crossbow (unless you want to buy it)). I do however have the power of owning a server. At the moment it is a 10 slot but I can easily go to a 20 after some changes in my budget. If there are any ideas or people who would like to help, leave a comment here. If you think this is a stupid idea then kindly leave without leaving a comment.

Statua Aliquis (Infested)

I have hope in this. Feel free to use [thread=820799]Shadow[/thread] if it’s ever released. (Can be stripped from everything except core interfaces and the likes)

Like it. Just gonna need some help with coding it to work.

Oh, I broke the gamemode on purpose in the last update. And since raBBish is nowhere to be found, I better go fix it, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess. I know nothng about new code so that would help. Add statua aliquis on steam.