The Protectors of Earth

Im creating a game in Unreal Engine 4
Im still creating the 3d models ( 3 main characters )
You can see the thread here:
The models are made in Zbrush
Im close to finishing the 2 main characters
I need some help from those who can work with Zbrush too and create original monsters for the game
Because im out of ideas

You do know that zbrush models can’t actually be used in any game engine directly, right?

you can :
First after you complete your zbrush sculpting you export everything in .obj format then go to your favourite program : for example Autodesk 3ds Max
You go there and open all the .obj files , next stop is to add the textures and then optimise the polygons because Zbrush makes alot of polygons ( you can just go into modifiers and then Optimise )
Next stop is to rig your character ( body , feet , arms ,face… ) and after that you can animate it and use it for ingame ( it sometimes import as a large character so sometimes you gotta open a model that is normal size and lower the model down ( can be done before rigging ) )
so? anything other to say ?
I know a guy who is making a Attack on Titans game in UE4 and he is using Zbrush to make his character and then rig it and animate it and then ready to go in UE4

I meant you can’t use the zbrush models directly, but yeah I was just making sure you were aware of all that, you made it sound like you were planning on using just the zbrush models directly in your game in the first post. Nevermind then.

oh :smiley: lol