The Protests in Greece have escalated ...

Inspired by the classical ionic order, the protesters have decided to build their own government building. The plith is made out of pizza boxes, the beautiful column shafts are made out of paper towels and baguets, while the capital, influenced by the early renaissance scamozzi order, forms a double cylinder holding the entableture together. The architrave is composed out of unused boxes, the guttae is replaced with empty mcdonalds milkshakes to deflect rain, and the classical egg and dart pattern is replaced with hamburgers, the horizontal sima is composed of left-over pizza boxes, the pediment is made out of bacon, and the tympanum is a delicious cabbage trust upon a birthday cake. The raking sima is made out of plasma TVs and the final acterion on the apex is made of chamapgne.

Protesters are short on funding.

Yes, the guy on the right is throwing a lobster

They took food fighting to a whole new level.

Also, nice job on the pic.

Haha, he’s getting stabbed by a toblerone! :v:

This looks like some Steven Spielberg movie that was violent but then got censored later on.

Not sure if it’s an accurate representation of Greece, but it’s an uncanny portrayal of Portugal, at least.

Fucking fantastic. I missed your crazy stuff