The Protomen - MegaMan's helmet

A hexed retexture of Dean’s GTA IV motorcycle helmet. It’s supposed to resemble Mega Man’s helmet from The Protomen’s amazing music.

Special thanks to Nirrti/Ilwrath for helping me with the vmt.

Fucking awesome. Make Joe’s helmet next please

Awesome texturing there, keep it up!

What an awful model, whoever ported it is a jackass.

Good skin though. Have an art.

Very awesome texture


Very nice!

I’m sorry, I honestly can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic,
What’s wrong with the model?

Excuse me, It’s 2am here, maybe I can’t tell cause I’m just tired.

He made the model.

Ahh so it WAS sarcasm then.
Please ignore my idiotic comments then, I didn’t know.