Original ingames: (Because I couldn’t decide which to use)
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Fucking sexy.


Nice! I like the blood.

Holy Fuck Nice editing

Awesome, but Alex’s face looks weird


But I haven’t seen that power before :razz:

why is there blood coming out of that tree

Is that a joke or do I need to explain?

you just got trolled.

Wait, that one tendril seems like it’s… oh god :gonk:

oh wtf that hunter zombie has a tree growing out of his arm

what… no I am serious…
im not a troll no reason for me to be one.

damn 09ers its like all of them are trolls

No, you GOT trolled.

I’m not saying you are a troll.

But the way you act maybe you are a troll.

I see you trollin’
I hatin’
But I laugh and brush it off cause I know you just white and nerdy

omfg…Gimme that Alex Mercer model…or is that just get editing…if model give…please…

He made it. Prolly not gonna release it.

Ohhh you finished the model! Even without textures it was sexy but now its fuckin awesome!

Great pic also! as everyone said, the blood its cool :slight_smile:

Incredible editing.


Oh wait I thought the tentacle things were edited in.
Well that was a let down kinda.

I guess the motion blur and blood is good.