The Pub of All Pubs


Server Name: The Pub of All Pubs [PHX3|Wire|GCX|GDC]
Server IP/Port:
Dedicated/Listen: Dedicated
Country/Location: West Coast (America)
Password (If Needed): N/A
Gamemode(s): Sandbox
Map: gm_wireconstruct_rc
Slots: 12


[li]DoorSTool[/li][li]Easy Precision[/li][li]Fin2[/li][li]GCX(Gcombat)[/li][li]GDX(Generic Defaults Combat)[/li][li]Hoverboard[/li][li]Keypad[/li][li]Ballsocket and Axis Linedraw[/li][li]Multi Parenting[/li][li]Phx3[/li][li]Smart Constraint[/li][li]Wiremod[/li][li]Wire Extra[/ul][/li]

[li]DON’T MESS WITH OTHER PLAYERS STUFF. If they want help, they’ll ask![/li][li]Don’t Spam.[/li][*]Have fun.[/ul]

ACF is not released. Please do not use ACF on your server, Abstrakt/Aura.

Pretty much this. Not cool, man.

I mean, I’m kind of curious how you got GCX and ACF to work with each other, they have the same entity names for a lot of the weapons. Not only that, you’ve got the pre-missile version of ACF1. That shit’s antiquated as fuck brosef.

Oh, there was a svn out. I took it off.

Thank you.

>__> you thought I had ACF1?

Come on, man, I know who you are. You played on GGG back when we HAD a public SVN for that shit.

Yeah, but I don’t still have it. Er wait lemme check.

Oh, I guess I do. >__>

Thanks for cooperating instead of throwing a bitch-fit like that asshat Slimswitch :smiley: