The Puberty Train




Have an agree for similar views on faggotry

probably should work on your masking.

Its youtube player.

I can’t wait to see the line of video responses for this.

I fucking hate Justin Bieber.

AHAHAHAHA!!! I love it!

Make more!

I dislike that kid so much… and hip-hop.

I’ve got more hairs in my groin than he has on his head.

Have a green L that has been flipped for having the same thoughts on the matter as I do.

inverse squiggly?

Nah, i gotta make a video response to this xD Also, as you grow, you steadily loose more and more hair. The strands of your hair do grow, but once the root is out, they never grow back, thusly why hair thins as you age…

So if your older than that kid, then you probably have less hair… unless your capable of doing Geico

I never said I pulled out or losed any hairs, that would’ve hurt like hell.

Hair falls out as you age, sorry.

lol “losed”

I hate this faggotry! Make moar so I can rage and rate you agrees with anger! :bang:

This is Necrotic Fever, Justin Bieber makes me cry. :frown:



omg guys why r u bein such h8rs? justin bieber (my <3) so cuute nd ur just jeles cuz hes 100x better then u!!!1!

where were you when they gave out brains?