The Punisher ... a bit different.

Howdy Folks, :clint:

It’s been a while since i posted something decent here on Facepunch.
Don’t ask me, where i got the basic idea for this comic because i just can’t remember it.
Somehow, several thoughts about the Punisher and Francis got mixed up and combined to this thing.
Since it sounded so god-damn hillarious in my head, i needed to create it or it would’ve been running in my head forever.

If you don’t get the reference, i made with the text, watch this:

Allright, now let’s get to the main event … the comic.
Click on it for Fullsize

I know, that “to make a pun” means something differently but i don’t care because it still sounded funny enough for me.
So what do you think about this 'lil piece of s#!t.
Post all you comments, critisism, ratings & everything else, that might fit for this.


Pretty good man. I loved the ending.

“I hate vans.” best part for me :smiley: good job on the posing comic king for you!

Pure art! :buddy:

Nice. I laughed


So far no further comments ?
I mean, there are some comments here but can be narrowed down to “lol” or “I laughed”.
Some comments with a bit more contend would be very appreciated but non-the-less:
Thanks for your “comments” :biggrin: so far.

Pretty good overall, I thought the 'splosion looked cool. Is this going to be a recurring thing?

Who the fuck is “The punisher” ?

Other than that the comic is cool.

Sadly no … at least not now because this was a one-time idea.

You mean, you don’t know the Punisher ?
Oh now that is a bit low, dude. :razz:

The Punisher :v: