The Punisher - Comic-Promotion Wallpaper

Howdy Folks, :clint:
It’s been a while since i posted something decent here on Facepunch.

This is the Promotional Wallpaper for my Punisher Comic, you will find in the Comic-Section. (link below)
While the Comic has a joke in it, the Wallpaper is supposed to be more serious and dark.
I wanted to give the gun some smoke but every time, i tried, it got worse and so i gave it up.

Long Story short, here it is:

Here is the link to the comic:

So, what do you think of this 'lil piece of crap ?
Post all your comments, critisism or anything else that fits in here.

I think it should focus a bit more on the character rather than the trash.

I agree, the light is too intense there, so it drives the eye to the trash can rather than the character.
And the blood on the victim its too transparent.

Nice lighting on the jeans.

Nice jeans

Nice reskin.

By that you propably mean the lighting, do you ?
Yeah, that was standard lighting from the map, nothing i could do.

Secondly and this also “answers” ChestyMcGee’s comment:
I used two pictures, one with absolut no artificial lighting and one, where a lamp shines on the body.

The basic idea was to only illuminate the body while the face and the surrounding keeps dark.
(That was one hell of a cutting job, i tell 'ya.)

Oh and J_Hat: Wasn’t my Reskin (sadly), i found it long time ago on