The Purge final part(beta testing coming friday august 21rst 2015)

HI guys we are going to have a closed beta this friday for anyone interested in participating in a remake with its own spin. we have solved nearly all issues we just need to accomplish two more tasks and it will be done. Unfortunately i can not afford to leak any more code over the internet and once again must ask help with the following. If anyone helps us out they will get their name put up on the server as a contributor and be invited to our closed beta. what we need is this

  1. a working map rotation script so that we can change maps and not keep people stuck on the same map all day long.
  2. slightly more hinderous we have a shop menu that replaces Q where you can buy props and weapons however weapons that are not from the game Half Life 2 do not show up in our inventory despite them being on the shop menu and saying we have purchased them. If you would like to help u solve thease two issues it would be greatly apreciated.