The Purge for DarkRP

The Purge
Alright so this is actually my first ever addon I release, so please be gentle :3
Anyways I have seen a lot of DarkRP servers creating this timer and renaming their gamemode to “The Purge” so i decided to make my own for my DarkRP server.
So i did, and then quite recently i saw someone selling one of these Purge timers. So now I am giving out mine for free.

If you find a bugs or would like to report anything please to so.
You can add me on steam at

To install just drop and drag the “ThePurge” folder into your addons folder
If you would like to change the timer or the sound it plays just headover to ThePurge/lua/autorun/config.lua

You can see the script by joining my DarkRP server

Alright well that’s all for me hope you enjoy


Please provide media, i.e screenshots and such. uh lol

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Is it a variation?

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Explain what is it anyways, not just “TEH PURGE”.

As i stated above I made this addon before that was released, I made it for my own DarkRP server. But when i saw that people where selling this EXTREMELY simple script I decided to release mine for everyone to use.

It’s a timer just like rbreslows $6 shitscript on coderhire, what is there to take a screenshot of.

Did i forget to mention that it plays cool sounds :v: oooOOooo

So it’s just a timer to do RDM?

Sounds about right


IIRC, the coderhire one allows you to blacklist certain weapons during the “Purge,” and change the sounds played.

You can change the sound here aswell, and i don’t see the point of blacklisting weapons. This is just meant to be a simple script that DarkRP server owners can put on there server and allow mass RDM now and then.

Yeah, I really question the amount of work he put into it. It isn’t hard to make a blacklist, you just make a table with weapon classes and use the PlayerSwitchWeapon hook.

As i said before, this script is really simple. Not ment to be a advanced script, this is ment for DarkRP server owners who can’t code to put on their servers. Also i said that his is my first script i release (Haven’t coded too much Lua before)

You should make this so the mayor can activate it and also add a cooldown option.
So you can make it as a special event once every while.

I’m pretty sure someone told me that he actually strips the weapons

It would be really really good though when “The Purge” starts, weapons are restricted in till it ends.

You do understand what you just said right?

You know what the purge is right?

When they kill people?

With weapons?

No, aha I mean like for police “arrest_stick” gets blacklisted so laboriously some cop doesn’t running around arresting people. Saves have to telling everyone.

You could easily add it in yourself. Just add a table system with the weapons you don’t want, then run a for loop to search if your specified job has that weapon, or any job tbh, and if they do either strip it (I wouldn’t recommend it) or make them switch to a different weapon. You could also make it print something to them letting them know if they do try to switch to it

I’m not the most intelligent person when it comes to gLua.