The Pyramid of Alcohol - A Conversation Piece

Did the full shebang on this one. Volumetric lamp, soft lamp, regular lamp, and some light. There’s not a lot of indepth editing though, the volumetric lamps and soft lamps did most of the trick.

A little background about the Alcohol pyramid. Two teams gather to play a game kind of like Jenga. Keep pulling out a beer bottle and drink it. If the pyramid collapses as you pull it out, you’ll have to drink the whole thing.


That game is a one way ticket to the hospital. I feel bad for the guy that will fuck it up for his bros.

CK, when will you release that vol/soft light lamp ?

oh so that is the soft lamp, I meant the vol light then.

Thats a super chill pic, the bottle stack mustve taken a while to pose

guy on the far left really wants that milk