The Pyro and Scout playing Nintendo.

Other than the Pyro’s left hand being a bit gnarled due to the size of it (and trying to make it fit correctly around a NES pad) - this image is spot on and the Scout’s expression is perfect.

Which is funny because I didn’t edit his face at all :v:


Looks good.

LOL rofl, but i love the posing and look on scout.

It’s perfect except for the scouts left arm, the wrist seems a little mangled… maybe I’m looking at it wrong.

Hope they dont spill bonk like the other kids do in those days…

The pyro looks like he’s really into the game

The Pyro’s nose looks weird.

Other than that, great picture!

I giev u hart

He has a nose?

I dunno.


Thanks :biggrin:!

The Scout’s like ‘Gotta get there before him, c’mon, c’mon!’.

The Pyro’s like ‘Meh. Noob.’.

What is with that random axe >_>

That “Random Axe” is Sheila, a skin for Sniper’s machete. - it’s pretty awesome, though.

Edit: Good posing, except the Pyro’s left hand.

The scout’s better not win, or the pyro may want to use the axe… D:
I like it! Artistic’d

Awesome work! xD

That’s why the scout put the axe on his side, so the pyro wont get… tempted

I like how people make little stories out of my pictures.

Like the Tomahawk on the scouts side.
[sp]not axe.[/sp]


And yes, the Scout’s left arm looks a bit fucked doesn’t it?

Lol yeah it does, I hadn’t noticed before you said it.
Isn’t that incredible?