The Quest #9.5

Are you ready for this?

The rest:


The comic:

The cool frame from the middle of the comic:

Hope you enjoyed it! Part 10 will be out whenever it is out.

God damn it Gogi, why are you releasing a comic and making me have to write a new post on Metrocop? I was enjoying my time out so muuuuuch

Anyway good comic, pretty colours!

This comic almost felt like a small drug trip in itself.

And who knew Gordon was such an asshole?

It had to be done. Thanks for the feedback!

Gordon has always been an asshole, he just didn’t tell anyone.

Awesome, been looking forward to more of this series!

The state of this thread kinda proves most people in the screenshot section don’t really care for comics. :confused:

People who have viewed this thread, please reply. It’s kinda hard to improve without new input.

I mean, I’ll continue making comics even if there are empty threads but it’s kinda boring to not see any critique at all.

If it’s not a picture of some sort of solider pointing a gun off screen it’s hard to get people enthused around here.

A sad state of affairs.

I love your comics. They always make my day a lot better. Thanks, Gogi!

A++ would read again. It brings me back to the good old days, when I read lots of GMod comics and did lots of drugs. Enthusiasm!