The Quickfix

Well after 5 hours of trying to resolve this problem…searching for answers…appealing for help…and repeating the prior 2 steps about 40 times i have come to the conclusion that nobody gives a shit…thousands of people playing according to my last tally. I guess i know better than to spend money on an alpha game and expect to actually get immediate satisfaction {mind you im only upset because i really enjoy the game} Time to put this game on the shelf and maybe come back when theres some support…or at least someone around to let us know wtf is going on.

I and very many users took all day hoping to solve the problem of disconnection from servers. Because the latest patch failure weekend. And the worst is that they do not solve anything or say anything in the forum of the game itself. :frowning:

As you can see there is a fault if yours not theirs, many of us are not able to play while watching all our friends enjoying. Up on Saturday may make it worse?

Seriously, stop with that childish temper tantrum bullshit. It’s being worked on. You know nothing about what the problem is but you assume it’s an easy fix. Nobody’s going to miss you or feel bad for you when you drop comments like “fuck this nobody care’s I’m leaving”. We’re all going to say “Good, leave and don’t come back” because that attitude is immature and not helpful at all. This entire thread is a waste and if you can’t be patient and wait for the fix then yes, you should definitely stop playing for a while because Alpha development is not for you.

If this is how you act when you can’t have something for less than 24 hours then it’s probably best for everyone that you leave because we don’t need people like you posting useless bitch threads every time this happens. Get used to it or get out, and stop being a baby. I hope you feel bad knowing that Garry is working hard to fix this for people like you who are just gonna do this same crap next time there’s a bug that he couldn’t predict while making the game to make us happy. How fucking rude.

In my country we call people as your ball, and that if it helps not improve either the game or anything, if we want a good game should be demanding with the team, and when things are going well also should say not just complain. What is not normal is that no team talk and say if you are working on solutions, that’s the problem friend, and if you do not know better shut up. For calling immature and nonsense users what you’re gonna get is that this game ends up in the trash.

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And remember something without us, without users this game and any other worthless. It’s the same shit.

Well, Garry and other staff do read these forums. Let’s hope in the next 12 hours they will update us.

It is being worked on. Here is the thread:

Please, people who can not connect to the server to try running the game by creating a new user account windows, and tell us if it works. Thank You.

Thor i hate to tell you but your post is exactly what you are attacking my post for…retard…and besides 5 hours isnt enough time for someone who knows something to come out and say “Its Broken and im not sure when it will be fixed”? thats all anyone really wants. Learn to communicate in the Grown up world Thor. Unless im mistaken thats what Official forums are for…COMMUNICATION! Heres an example…> “Hello rust community im sorry to inform you that we have an issue with X and were not sure when we will get this resolved but rest assured we are working on it” If you cant understand people who paid $ for this game would like to know whats going on then you are more challenged then you initially appeared in previous posts.

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@amnesia: thor is right imo. this kind of whining thread is worthless; the title is obnoxious, and i literally have no idea what the hell you are talking about by reading it. it’s followed by your op, which literally just states how you are disappointment, that you should know better than to spend money on an alpha, and you will put the game on the shelf until it improves. that’s not communicating, that’s grandstanding. i don’t know you, i don’t care that you are going to stop playing, nor that you spent the same amount of money on an alpha game as i did.

garry has at least 3 active threads for bugs in the dev version that he and the team are working on right now. numerous bugs in these threads have been squashed in the last few days, and they are busily fixing more. they don’t have time to address every thread made.

The grass is always greener on the other side…im glad that you have no game issues and im sure that if you did…you would not be the least bit upset that you couldnt play for over 48hrs because your just a super duper guy mrknifey. Cheers

The Quickfix is pretty good, not quite on par with the stock Medigun, but it’s great in certain situations. Knockback immunity helps out a lot, and it can sometimes help you catch up with another team’s ubercharges. It’s probably the best MvM medigun though, despite what people think. Overhealing yourself plus all of it’s quirks are amazing. I don’t know why you’re talking about the Quickfix on Rust, but it sure is a nice little medigun. :slight_smile:

it’s not a matter of whether i have issues or not, because i have, do and will have issues with the game; it’s in active development, so shit breaks regularly. my point is that you made this thread one day ago that had no point other than to tell strangers that you won’t play anymore because no-one answered your other thread that you also posted 1 day ago.

the team are currently fixing numerous bugs, and garry is personally responding in the threads he made for dev version bug reports. i don’t get why you think the team should reply to your thread within 5 hours, nor why you think this matters enough for you to make another thread purely to announce your dissatisfaction at the response time… get involved in the other threads. be patient, and when someone has an idea about whats going on, or a suggestion for a fix, they will reply.

oh, and maybe avoid being snarky, or calling people retards; it will just derail your own thread into a flame war.