The 'Rabbit' theory

Being from Nz we have shit loads of rabbits/possums and growing up i hunted them.I also enjoyed looney tunes so this is how i see it:

Where i live on the map is the middle of hacker valley ,to give people perspective

I call the people who run over the ridge to steal the wood/ore outside my base ‘rabbits’ ,so these players will be hunted as long as they stay in the area and plunder the crop .
They may not be heavily armed but they make up for it in numbers.
It’ only natural for them to do this ,but only natural for me to protect what i need nearby as well.

This is how I see the migrational patterns of the refugee rabbit in game.

To start with the rabbits were happy enough,fighting amongst their own near the road ,making sure they wouldn’t get lost or simply finding their other rabbit friends who were newly born into this world.
After being killed near the road multiple times by their own or trying to avoid conflict nearby ,they move out seeking a new life hoping to find a place where resources are more plentiful.
They were perhaps not aware of other areas or may have heard of this mythical place where they could go to feed,though at a high risk/high reward due to the large place built next to the food .

As the rabbits breed,more and more begin to show,and the small migration of these rabbits has turned into the stream

The past couple days has seen me build a long ass wall for fun,only to make it slightly easier to hunt said ‘rabbits’ along with a watchtower for crafting and keeping an eye out

Some Rabbits want to try and take it all themselves wiping out the node spawns ,while others just take the odd bit to sustain themselves and stay under the radar .
I don’t go really go looking for the latter due to them living off the grid ,keeping to themselves and taking only what they need which means other owners nearby also don’t notice things missing,so all is well…But the greedy rabbits stand out as they build big nearby and soon become fur boots or chest pieces haha

Moral of the story is everyone starts as a rabbit ,but the smart ones like bugs bunny learn to adapt until they too can have their own patch ,and in turn defend against said ‘rabbits’ ,such is the circle of life.But if Buggs steals ‘all’ Elmers carrots and builds a big ass carrot house on Elmers doorstep, then unfortunately for the rabbit

Shotgun > carrot door

(slow work day)