The rain destroys my FPS.. any help?

Ok I have a GTX 780. I could play the game before this rain update with 60-80 fps.

but now when it’s raining my fps drops to like 10 or 15… yes my video card drivers are up to date… anything I can do to solve this issue?

Not that this is an acceptable permanent solution to the problem, but what happens if you turn your settings down?

I was playing on beautiful setting, now I am playing on Good setting and the problem still persists (this is not happening in any other game I have… so it’s not my card).

I mean the settings in Rust’s graphics options once you’re in-game, not the launcher preset. The launcher preset doesn’t change much.

Like this (this may be outdated, it’s what I found on Google for reference):

Mine is like this:

Try dropping shader level to 300, to start with. And start turning other things down.

You at 1920x1080 or 2560x1440?

I am at 1920x1080