The Random adventure of Garry - 1

Hi everyone!

I hereby Thomas (alias Yotho), aged 19, studying French. I’m new to the facepunch forum and I would like to share my first short film =)

I am inspired by great director (as Dasboshitt, Djy1991, kitty0706) to create this video :slight_smile: I love their works and I wanted to try to do the same


Enjoy !

PS: forgive my bad English :frowning:

That was pretty good for your first short. Keep it coming!

Can’t someone make something else then a bunch of random clips? But besides that I think it’s pretty nice.

When you think about it, it’s very easy to make shorter clips with barely any story than a longer one with a good story.

Case and point, one of the easiest machinimas I ever made was this one

You’re right, I will focus on a true story with a real scenario.

Thank you for your comment:)

This is why people like dasboshitt lack respect from me.
and why it pisses it me off when people exploit this style.

I have to disagree. It’s good when the randomness isn’t childish. If it has good posing, good cinematic presence, and good jokes/slapstick, then I enjoy it.

It’s a continuing tradition in the Gmod community since 2006. :stuck_out_tongue:

2007, stop coming in this section and using my rants, not cool man not cool.


then idiots need to leave it to people who can do it.
Im looking at Kitty, and dasboshitt now.
Caleb done it for along time and doesn’t suck.
stares a caleb

I was talking about Gmod videos as a whole, not my series. :stuck_out_tongue:

2007 is when it got annoying.