The Random Garry's Mod Movie of Origional-ness

this is what about 3 weeks of procrastinating, 1 week of filming, and 2 days of editing will get you.

please bare with me hear im still learning


No matter how many times anyone says it, first-timers just don’t get that ragdoll flailing isn’t funny.

It wasn’t too bad, but try to think up more jokes than just ragdolls flailing around, and randomness doesn’t make instant humour.

Oh look, it’s another video trying to mimic GiB.

How many of these are there going to be?

Only funny part was the SMB map.

idk, i might just leave it as one episode seeing how well prt 2 goes, and im not trying to rip it off :\

well the use of l4d music repeatedly was kinda annoying me so I didn’t watch the rest sadly ):

I couldn’t take anymore of it after the horrible GabeN joke.