The Random Gmod Movie of DOOOOOM 5

Some of you may remeber i did a shitty series ages about with random skits that possibly contanted doom, this is me coming back to that shit after about a year and trying to make the shit less shit with a new shit.

The random gmod movie of dooooom series was somthing i did when i was alot younger. I wanted to try and make somthing better than those old vids and make my past self look like an ass, hopfully it’s atleast better than them.

I don’t expect many of you to like this but who knows, maybe i’ll supprise myself.

Yeah so tell me what you think and all that.

I remember watching your stuff years ago, welcome back to the scene!

**Edit:**Just finished watching, still funny, random skit humor. <3

That was really funny. The only thing I might say is that the segment with the dancing blue shirted guy was a bit quiet.

Also it’s “tuned”

Oh man, that was you?
I remember watching these, they were pretty entertaining (Atleast at that time).
Now to click on the pla-

Surprise buttsex.

Loved it bro.

Man I remember the older ones, this is actually original, funny stuff.

It seems like now it’s all FUNI TF2 FAECS XDDD

I didn’t expect this until 2012. Glad to see another one. Got a lot of inspiration from you back then.

The last song in the credits are also used in Denmark, some people called Odense Assholes
(Odense is a city)
But nice movie!! Ive always watched your movies and always liked them. Those are the first Gmod Movie i found that were good, then i saw Idiot Box but your movies are da b3zT!!!

Best fucking Gmod movie of this winter, KEEP ON MAKING 'EM

This rocks.

God damnit you have to make separate videos of those remix songs

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gad deymnt

Oh man, I miss this series so much. Finally great to see its back.

Nostalgic… I remember your older video’s.

I loved this video.

If it helps you take a break from MMM:The Game then I say make more, if you like. (However, if it doesn’t don’t sweat it, both are awesome anyways.) But it seems like this one really blows all of the old videos in the series out of the water, though…

wow this is the best thing since idiots of gmod. i also watched it few years back, this is totally ORIGINAL. it was quite humourous I thought!

brilliant work, totally creative I must say!

What the fuck, the video was taken down for some bullshit copyright thing.
Host this shit on wimeo or something instead

almost as good as war of the servers 2

I think thats an exaggeration.

Oh man, great to see you back!

I loved the space marine scene

Hey one of your older episodes made the pills here meme, right?