The random moment of Ellis.

I dunno, I got bored after attempting to do some serious pose and I got this.
Its my second comic ever and I never had any comic C&C before so it propably has a lot of flaws, in case please just give me proper C&C.
I direct linked it because its 4,2 MB and might rape your internet.

I might even make a part 2 when I have more time, and if this creation of boredom is liked.
( For some reason I put _1 behind the filename, Can’t really point out the reason.)

Now I’d like comments Ol chaps!

:wtc: mate?
What were you smoking?


That was random.

I lolled.

I think this is more than random. But I don’t know how to call it…

I…I don’t even know where to start. Pedo Coach?