The Random Tales of G-Man

Here’s another video made by me, which was strongly inspired by Djy1991’s Full-Life Consequences. I did the narration, and my brother and his friend starred in part 2. Enjoy.


lollerskates, i like the constant and random twists and turns of the storyline

Yeah. Randomness.

that was the most random I have ever seen.

i loved the second one

You put the Full Life consequences formula to good effect here.

A lot of puffing in the mic, and you were a tad too monotone throughout. But hell, I laughed more than once.

The first one was kinda boring, but the second one was a total lol. Nice job.

I loved them both! so funny!!! will there be a 3rd? soon?

Yes, third. Not so sure about soon though :c

which addon allowed you to chop of the ragdolls limbs and where can i get it? nice videos btw

i get the mods from and i think its the dismemberment mod

Tuff shizzle. I like it :3

Fluffy Foxie, Are you Kitty0706 ?

Loved it, very funny!

That was pretty good

I want to see the second one…


Me 2. :frowning:
I cant see it due contry copyright restriction.

The [sp]African jew [/sp] in second part was incredibly awesome!
Make part 3 now!

see hwo how did you do dat dat is funnah

Best random videos ever!