The Ratpack Spot a Boat

With my 2nd Facepunch anniversary a month away, I’ve made this little treat for everyone. On my first anniversary, I made a comic entitled “What’s In The Chest?.” It followed three rebel soldiers who discovered a chest in a desert home and were horrfied at what they saw in it. This comic is a little “trailer” for a series I have planned for it with my new trio “The Ratpack”

I chuckled at the end although I would suggest making the pictures a lot smaller. It’ll make for faster loading and overall better experience. Although, nice job. Hope to see more.

“So what if your arm’s stuck? The poser will come by any second and fix you.”

"I’m sorry you have to hear this, but that arm’s stuck for good. The poser has done all he can to fix it. Guess we gotta cut the cord. pulls out remover tool