The Ravens - HLRP/RLRP Combined, without the combine, but still combined...

Check out all the forum replys, as you see, people love this server, I’ll give you the basic info for now, due to that we got so rediculously many features and such, but here’s the basics, I’ll tell you where to find more info:

The US government has pretty much gone bananas, they are opressing the city, underground crime has gone up and rebel warfare is comitted geurilla style. The Irish, the Russian and the German mafia is struggling to dominate the illeagal arms market, while the rebels and the government are looking to dominate the city. There is alot of opportunities in this roleplaying, you can be anything from a haggard old war veteran, running a pawnshop, to a merciless rebel warlord, fighting for the freedom of the nation.


  • The Russian Connection, aka. (The Chernogorsk Bratva).
  • The O’Duel Family
  • Arkan’s Tigers
  • The Government
  • The Black Union (Rebels)
  • The Mercenaries
  • The Commoners
  • The Petty Criminals

That’s right, we’ve added alot of realistic things to the server, including realistic gravity (No longer will a corpse make backflips when you shoot it), we also added things such as dynamic fire, falling damage, and several other things along with it.

Character Customization:
Since we only let in people we consider mature, we can give players alot more trust, meaning PAC is avalible with several hats/wearable things. Make sure to be unique, weather you’re wearing green to represent the O’Duels, or if you’re just a whacky carsalesman trying to make a good advertising stunt.

No longer will you have to kiss ass for tooltrust:
That’s right! Instead, you buy it, since the education to learn all those things are very expensive.

Always new things:
Yes, we problably have the biggest content pack you’ll ever see (If it annoys you, then your loss, I guess.), we got props, playermodels, maps and objects for all kinds of themes, so we’ll make sure to add new customized gamemodes all the time.


How serious are you?
Interesting question, but we’ve been working on this server for about three mounths, setting everything up. It takes some effort for people to join, since they need to apply, get our content etc.

This all sounds very interesting, but you mentioned a really big content pack, how big is the download, exactly?
The download is about 1.8 gigabytes, it’s a big addon with various models, we keep out all kinds of scripts, so it won’t interfere with singleplayer.

How is the administrators/mingeness on the server?
Well, alot of people think we’re just another roleplay server. But there’s a difference, since we got a password, and alot of anti minge scripts. For example:
Most classes have atleast fists/some basic weapon, so in case of a minge, there’s atleast five serious people to beat the crap out of him/her.
Physgun is replaced with realistic carrying, you can pick up/move props as usual, and still refurnish things, but you can no longer propkill, propblock or propsurf.

But like most serious communities, you must have those annoying uptight rules that allows nobody to hurt anyone, and if they do, they get banned, right?
We’ve modified these rules alot, for example:
As an organized criminal, you may kill rival gangs/the government, but not the rebels or citizens.
As the government, you may kill mercenaries, rebels and organized criminals.
As a rebel, you may kill the government.

But do it in a roleplaying way, don’t just randomly hunt people down.

I see alot of stuff in the content pack that makes no sense, what’s that all about?
Since we will change themes now and then, we got one big pack, so that nobody has to download things when we’re done changing, it’s like a preparation.

This info is abit vague, where can I find more?
Go to our forums, there’s alot of people there to either ask, or who’s been posting things already.

So how’s the community like?
We’re pretty decent if you can handle a few crude jokes now and then. They are always up for some roleplaying (either on the server or on the forum), or maybe a nice game of Ravenmon, the community-created forum game.

And how do I join?
Make a forum account, then post an application in our community applications section, or talk to Nimbles on Steam.

May I have a link for the forum?
Sure, here ya go:

The server is beta, so there might be a bug or two, but they’ll be gradually solved.

Staff (Not administrators):
Smoke n’ You: Weapon coder.
Nimbles: Human reasources.
Mr. Anderson: Character Development Specialist.
Coup de Grace: Character Development Manager.
Deadeye: Php/webhosting - Also being our personal expert in kicking ass!
Pickles: Mapper
Acrono: Contributed with some playermodels.
MadDok: Scripts.

For the fun of it, various endorsements:

looks really cool,i’ll check it out

Looks cool.

Without the combine, But still combined” made me lol. But the fact is this is the best god damn Darkrp server ever.

It really is a good server. Very well done, and we’re about to enter the full version. I highly recommend this to RP’ers.

I lol’d when I saw " Sam Ficher "

Woohoo, last night was awesome!

In Soviet Russia, night spends you…

Sounds big and cool…

Explain “big”

Big map, big gamemode with lots of excellent features, and big egos.

Rebel Propaganda Poster:

-Submitted by Vince.

Federal Task Force Propaganda Poster:

-Submitted by Smoke n you.

Random Screenshot That’s Really Cool:

-Submitted by Vince.

Sounds really tempting. The classes are way good.

Thanks, I’m glad you like my images^^.

Those are really nice pictures, made one my background.

I did too :3

When i connected by IP it says bad password and when i click join on the website it doesn’t work.

Yeah, thus the “PM me if you’re interested”-part.

We like to get to know people before letting them in, keeps minges away, I can help you once I get back to working on the server.

Taking a break, got school/gurl-stuff to clear out >_<.

I am the group application manager, add me on steam ([:radioactive:RRP​:radioactive:]Ðŕ.Nimbles) so we may discuss your eligibility…

Could I have the server IP please

I like the idea of this kind of RP