The Real Team

A somewhat quick but precise pose which had been done days ago.

And this thread will be my submission thread.
Feedbacks are always welcome, as long as it’s not a troll or flame.

Render is to make the blurring smooth. No picture to see, for the moment.

link to picture

upload it to, imo it’s the best image uploader at the moment. whatever you do, do NOT use, it goes down all the time.

When I use this, it’s blank.

Put this link between the img tags. No space.

You have to go to the raw image, not the FPSbanana page.

like so.


fucking ninjas

Problem solved. Thanks.

Super Dof is currently broken. We are waiting for an update to fix it.

But Super Dof is real 3D depth of field blurring. When activated, you left click on the area you want in focus and adjust the slider to achieve the desired result. Each time you adjust you must click the render button.

For maps you go here
Use the search for anything in particular.