The Reality of Facepunch

I’ve had these things sitting on my comp for a while, so i finally decided to do something with them

Heres my boring little opinion on why this is seems to be the case:

-The names im using are only examples for the type of people im referring to (regular, popular, and really fucking popular)

This one i made just for the lulz


True in many ways.

I loled at the first pic, haha.

I lol’d. Have a funny. This pic does kinda feel true though.
Much like modern art, its all brand name here.

Or just become like Deathbucket, looks at his threads. He was infamous, mostly everyone came into his threads to see how bad his screenshot was.

lol. thats one thing i forgot to mention. You either get a lot of attention for being incredibly good or incredibly bad XD

SOMEONE who actually gets me

This is true in many ways.

Unfortunately true.

Sad. But true.

Replace “Crazymonkay” with “Jenkem” in that picture, and there you will find me.

or replace crazymonkay with basically everyone because the majority make mediocre pics at best.

oh god you so totally just stole my idea.

I have a fifteen or so page comic sitting in my screenshot folder just waiting to be edited with the same premise.

You can still finish it.

Why would anyone gather 'round to see ChestyMcgee’s pics?
He teh suck.
Then again, he does idolize me in every single way.

it wasn’t always like this:

-fuckin snip-
its hard to tell sarcasm through text…


Yep, we all have our crappy starts (no offense) :v:

I see the misunderstanding of what jokes are is still alive and well.

Haha, I’ve had the idea to rant about this for like 8 months.
Only my best friend kept me from doing it.

It’s really sad its true, as many good newcomers stopped posting after 3 poses because they get ignored.
Just a small question:
Who of you guys look at the username that posted it before opening a thread? And may even ignore a thread because of the usernames?

very true.

[sp]And i just realised how much my poses SUCK, i cant get more comments[/sp]