The Reality of X

I had an Idea a few hours ago while playing MvM, so I wanted to do something on that, then I decided fuck it, and make a Post Your Own thread.

So, An Example would be:

What you’d think Counter-Strike: Source is:

What it Is in Reality:

(I haven’t done this in such a long time that I’ve pretty much forgotten many of the Advanced Editorial Things.)

How come every ‘Post Your’ Thread that I make ends up with 10 people coming in and Shitting on my pictures with no actual content and finally ends with someone Inevitably calling me a Hypocrite. I already know It’ll happen.

That’s not css

Custom hats/trails/weapons, admins abusing their power, porn sprays, and whiny kids aren’t in it at all.

That’s css

I don’t think these would be any good if they did have advanced editing

Hm… Fair point. I’ll try and update that.

Y’know, Instead of insulting the Pictures, Do you mind posting content?

well, I’m sorry, but these just aren’t very good, the posing is stiff at best and totally weird at worst. if you want to improve, you need to accept these things.

To be fair, I haven’t done this in Months. I will try and Improve. Before you say that I won’t accept those things.

Why is he trying to stab the hay cart he’s laying in?

Knifing the guy won’t stop him from screaming bloody murder.

Weren’t you getting shit for making bad pictures in espionage wars months ago so you went to the mspaint subforum?

The posing is bad, the lighting is boring, and the posing is just really bad really bad