The Reaping/PvE/Limited PvP/NoobsWelcome

The Reaping is a newly started vanilla server. PvP is allowed but limited to the areas of the map outside of Rad-Town Valley.(See if you dont know where this is.) In Rad-Town Valley there is a New Join compound for starting players. Inside is a community storage area, temporary housing, watch tower, and a central community building. Right now I am the only admin and work every day from 5 or 6 in the morning Pacific Standard Time till around 5:30 pm PST. As such i will not always be able to deal with player issues. While i am on feel free to let me know of problems and i will gladly do what I can to rectify them. I am not a “BADMIN” I do not abuse my admin options. As time goes on though i will be using them to create events with prizes and there will be occasional giveaways. Air Drops are on and player limit for now is 5 people. This will Increase as population on the server begins to rise. Also forgot to Mention instacraft is on. Durability drop is nerfed and falldamage is off.



We have updated to MAGMA v 1.0.2


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Hey everyone! I’ve added a new arena now just need people to join so we can start hosting evnts. Low Population right now is a great time to join.

:quagmire:Very receptive Admins on this server. We listen to our players! Join us and gives us your ideas!:quagmire: