The reason for the constant mapwipes is hackers

Yes, you hear me. I am seeing tons of hackers after the wipe gathering resources to build up new bases. They did the same when reinforcing a place in hackervalley.

Tons of entities gets spawned in no time, which leads to the entities clogging up at super speed.

Stop hacking is the only thing I can say, to be honest :v:

they should impose a player limit ie a 1x1 hut consisting of the following

1x foundation (60wood).
1x ceiling (80wood).
4x Pillars (60wood).
4x Doors (80wood).
3x Windowed wall (20wood).
1x Doorway wall (20wood).

360 wood total 14 items round both up to 500 and 20

and when you team up this increases to 750 and 30

thus giving you incentive to group together to build structures.

elimininating 70lvl skyscrapers

Or they could just ban everyone and only leave the non-idiots to play

I’m sure they will focus on hackers soon.

Garry said something ingame that he would not ban hackers before the big update.

the hackers will be delt with soon but limiting how much a player can built wont ever happen.

I hope I can have servers where PvP damage is off.

its annoying when you JUST get enough to buil-BANG BANG BANG YOUR DEAD

Sounds like a good idea but they would need a server selection menu.

Sadly that’s the main point of the game, no restrictive gameplay mechanics.

Trick is to find the idiots

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have a look at that little guide although basic it’s what i use and it’s never steered me wrong

Yeah, it was annoying to see the huge fortress one minute, and then see a huge wall made up of hundreds of doors created around it the next.

i think they should calculate safe max assets id’s for server and then assign each player said amount of asset id’s if you reach it tough join forces and think and plan what and where you will build

Hacker Valley is not actually Hacker Valley. I’m there and there are at least 5 other houses of people friendly who dont hack and dont KOS.

Although I am sure you are right about the hackers being a large part of the issue. Between them collecting like mad and people placing 5 doors on every entrance and window (especially seeing as every wall has to be a window) it all adds up to bringing the wipes forward.

Although last night Helik was on and said that they are going to be updating soon and should be taking care of the hackers :slight_smile:

What’s your name in-game? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s called hacker valley because it is a typical target for hackers, at least yesterday there were a lot of hackers targeting that valley. I know the fortress Otto was talking about, there were a few hundred doors around that giant staircase, they must have used a dupe exploit.

Which I understand and love about the game but the rich get richer

I just want to solo without being killed while building for a while, to get used to it, then kill people

Like I said, it will be different when there’s more objects to defend yourself and be more sure that you are safe at night, so you will be less bandit-y to other players. Add me on Steam?