The reason of deletion of Wiremod on

May i Understand why the Website “” Delete “WireMod”, the adv stuff still operate but the mod is deleted, i’ve got a project of submarine but without this pack, i can’t build it and i’m not gonna make 10 steps to have “WireMod” by “Tortoise SVN”, delete this file from the “official Gmod pack” is stupid, so why he were been deleted, give me a reason

The wiremod on is OUTDATED
Every week they release about 3 new versions on SVN and anyway its not that hard downloading the program making a folder and pressing a button.

i tell you, if “WireMod” is not on “” again, i abandon all project and i say all, no more sub, no more tank, no more weapon from me, without “wiremod” these weapons suck, i would just make the model but not the vehicule himself and i’m never will gave the model of my sub and sometime, the “Tortoise SVN” download stuck, impossible to download something

Good, abandon them and get on with your life. Someone has to continuously upload Wiremod to and they might have finally got sick of it.

…The Wiremod team doesn’t allow people to upload wire to

have fun with your outdated error spamming wiremod

Just fucking get SVN. Someone described something in the past as the “Gmod SVN syndrome” Everyone thinks something is so hard its not worth learning but it actually isnt.

Nobody cares if you abandon a project. Just like nobody would care if I abandoned one.

Download wiremod via glua; it’s updated automatically from the SVN.

If you can’t take the time to figure out a very simple mechanism of keeping a very updated library of addons stop making stuff.

You’ve got me to blame.
I search several times a day to find and report Wire uploads.

You are a individual who deserves respect.

Why do you have to be such a man of principles? Just get SVN.

Please do as abaster says, it’s not worth it making a new thread just to whine about something like this.

don’t you thing it’s suck to make 10 steps to have only 1 thing ? that was i thing about “Tortoise SVN” and sometimes you want to have it on your PC but the downloading stuck and you cannot have this, this don’t suck in your mind ? if it’s not, i don’t know how you are. But if the official makers of “Wiremod” request to remove it, i admit it.

In my opinion, you haven’t even tried the “ten” steps. Even though I count it at about 4 or 5. Just give it a go. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is. Then, if you manage that, you’ll have the knowhow to take advantage of all the other wonderful gmod stuff that comes as an svn. Oh and please stop putting your nouns in “inverted commas”.

Ok…I’ll give you some info.

  1. You can’t put Wire on - It has so many developers you’d need to ask each one before you’re allowed. All developers must agree.

  2. Because Wire is SVN, it is an uploaded ‘SVN’ dump, which is not allowed.

  3. You can’t upload someone else’s addons. The original creator of Wire would have to upload it, and I don’t think he is even around anymore.

  4. SVN was utilized because of the many updates. SVN only updates the files that changed when downloading. This means faster downloads using less bandwidth.

  5. If you disagree with the method, tough. Its the only real way you are going to get Wire mod.


It isn’t hard in any way.

With SVN, you can update the files just by clicking after downloading it ONE time.
If you would have it on, you would have to download it over and over again to get a “Updated” one wich also is not fully updated.

The version of Wire on is weak, the “Gate - ExpressionGate” tool is unusable and “Expression2” do not work too, so if you have a link for a “Wiremod” on if you can.