The reason why GMOD is leet.

Is it me, or is this proof that GMOD really is leet.

So many empty servers…

how come i only get like 200-400 servers??? i used filtering

Maybe its because you used filtering? Also you hit refresh all and then wait until they organize. It can take a very long time.

ya i do, it actually refreshes quite quickly but i still only get 200-400 servers. Although im quite scared to go on just because of the recent threads about scary gman virus

Don’t go on servers you don’t trust, don’t just join random build servers other then official build servers of trusted clans I.E. noxious net or other reputable clan servers.

i don’t like going on Noxious, just because i can only used like 20% of phx 3 items which i use to make like planes, cars ETC