I have found that i have the bug of what is called “Ghosting” where you can see what’s going on in game but players see you as frozen , It has come to my conclusion that when you talk in game next to other players that is what the freeze is , I could walk with my friend for around 5 mins as we were testing the bug and then he gave me some stuff and then i tested my mic in game to see if this is what causes the freeze and turns out it is!, when you talk in game using v or any other key next to another player your game freezes so hopefully Garry will see this and it will point him into the direction of him fixing this!!

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It happens to me without talking to other players. And i’ve actually used the voice chat without causing a desync until about 10 minutes later while i was standing around.

I don’t know about that i have got it so it’s as soon as i talk :confused:

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i also came to the conclusion it only happens on some servers , but i just bought my own and it freezes on it :confused: