The Reason you don't play Garry's Mod as much anymore?

So, what reasons keep you from playing anymore?

I have to say, the amount of children and poor quality servers are the main reason I haven’t picked the game up for a while - i’m pretty miffed about the whole pay to win model too.

I’m out of build ideas and my server’s dead half the time so if I joined I’d just be shitposting to an empty flatgrass.

I do like a good build server, but again - the poor quality of servers they are usually brimmed with FNAF content, billions of weapons, brony and weeb shit.

Still playing frequently

Well… maybe not playing, but developing for it is still fun

after over 5000 hours across 3 accounts I’m done, I do sometimes still enjoy making a dumb short video with it but that’s it.

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it’s not helping that there are so many shit servers that make multiplayer a waste of time for me

My lack of free time and the death of tight-knit communities. Original and cutting-edge gamemodes were never a huge factor for me as I solely played TTT and Deathrun, but nowadays, the general goal of servers are to achieve the highest player counts and not reenforce good player relationships or keeping regulars.

The fact that any sort of minging is going to get you banned/kicked in darkrp

The community owners nowadays. Most are detached from their community, and are on power trips.

I used to be active in the community and make addons and stuff. I simply don’t have the time for it any more.

Nookyava what you are talking about have always been a problem unless it have gotten worse. I’ve seen it happen so many times when it comes to addon creators at least. They make something great, get endorsement, climb to the top of the pedestal, do something stupid/assy, loose respect, disappear(they obviously deserve better they think).

• Lack of good servers.
• Lack of good players.
• Workshop.
• DarkRP
• 15,000 hours makes a game get a little old?
• I don’t feel pride in developing anymore when I get blown out of the water by people.

I got a vive

I feel like I almost force myself to play at times to be frank.

I want to play all these magical new gamemodes, but there’s no one else fucking on them to play with, which also seems to be the same reason they’re empty in the first place. :cry:

I would play climb all day long on sassilization until i got enough coins to buy a cool trail and then abandoned gmod. I also used to play a fuck ton of ultimate chimera hunt, my favorite mod.

I think people just kinda move onto other, usually bigger things and lose interest over time, which is fine because a lot of put thousands of hours into playing/making stuff

Kinda miss it, but then you get a glimpse of Garry’s Mod community drama and laugh to yourself, while remembering you’re an adult who doesn’t have to deal with dumb witch hunts and teamspeak cliques

i just dont have the drive to play it anymore, used to love coming on communities where everyone was doing their own thing, you just get caught up doing other things.

Stopped playing as frequently as I used to as it’s not a very friendly environment nowadays. But I’m looking to improve that fairly soon in my local scope (I don’t know how to explain what I mean).

The same as minecraft, it was fun at first, then when the game is more popular minge start to grow
Then the serverman start to ruin the gamemode just to get players (minges) in
DarkRP is no longer roleplay
Sandbox is to spawn dupe and shooting shit
The workshop is spammed with server content, prop gun, sound gun, tons of tf2 model which can be packed to a few addon, and seemless shit with no description
I just bought gmod for one year, and I feel regret not getting it sooner

I used to build thruster engines, then people started hating them so I stopped.

Then I realized I’m not good for anything else and quit the game.

I’m talking about the actual community owners.

I’ve just been noticing more recently. I guarantee it’s always been a problem, but it’s something you just notice more and more.

Or maybe I’m just cynical.

I still play it just for making maps in Hammer because that is really the only thing I enjoy now a days.