The recent suggestions.

I feel like Rust has reached the wrong audience, and it is at risk of collapsing. Let me explain further. I bought rust because I saw another “DayZ” in the sense of survival. I like the risk, and the danger. There isn’t anything that is really over powered. Bases aren’t ridiculous in terms of raiding, and the interaction between players in great. This is another game that really gets your heart pumping in the heat of the moment, and the rush of adrenaline is one of the main reasons that I have been playing this game.

The recent suggestions in regards to development to Rust, have mainly been about “carebear-ifying” the game. From all the suggestions to make it more easy to build bases, and more difficult to raid bases. The issue that I have with these suggestions in particular, is because I feel that the game is based on PvP, and base raids are a huge part of it. Another flaw with these suggestions is the fact that you aren’t looking at how many resources it takes in order to create satchel charges, not to mention the amount of time you have to spend in order to get an “explosive” blueprint. I personally have played for about a week now, before I felt comfortable enough to go after an airdrop on a 80 person server. Basically, these suggestions are one sided, and not many are looking at the other side of the case.

Some other suggestions have been suggesting that Rust should become an RPG. Rust is more of a sandbox game, you can do whatever you want, and you are not forced to follow a story, and grind for many hours to be able to match other players. Suggestions like skill trees, leveling etc. I feel like is taking rust into the wrong direction. I quit many games, including Minecraft, because it had gone from a sandbox game, into a semi-RPG.

I understand that someone may be frustrated from being raided, and with respect, this is a game of risk, and reward. This game shouldn’t be “spend 20 hours of grinding to make enough charges to blow up a medium sized base.”

Just my opinions, like other people have their opinions.

I understand that this is an alpha but, for games like this, the alpha is exactly what the devs say it should be, why you ask?

Because its the stage of the game to iron out major bugs, test core features and of course impliment things that you want in the main game to ensure they are majority bug free.

This is why we see no mod packs, no public dev kits and of course a limited amount of server hosting companies. Because during an alpha stage 1 thing is more important than anything else Feedback. The more feedback the better.

Why make base raiding easier when the main screen is slow and laggy before you even join a server
Or every food item taken from any animal is chicken.

What i think the future of rust should be once its been released is diversity the ability to make your own rust map ( If your good enough)

The ability to create a new hazard and adding it to the spawn list like a tank zombie
or an elephant on heat.

I hope that a server becomes a different world that you can play in how you want to play, If that means some servers being rpg’s because of a mod sure why not.

The point being you dont need to quit. let the devs keep the game how they want it and let the players build their own world around that.

So overall I agree with you that the devs should keep this game as a survival game.
But I hope once its ready its opened up to the players to make this game how they want to play.

Regardless. All this is irreverent for now THIS IS AN ALPHA new features that arnt important wont get implemented. Nor will they in the beta. Play the game the way the devs want the game to be played, report any bugs you find.

After the full release thats when we can worry about the little things

The game isn’t “meant” to be PvP or non PvP. Its meant to be what you make of it. I agree that it is hitting the wrong playerbase, because a whole bunch of people from DayZ have bought the game because they thought it was similar.

Just because you CAN kill other players, and raid their “base” doesn’t mean you are meant to.

I agree whole-heartedly with all posts so far. I also think it’d be fucking bad ass to make your own RUST map and mod it. I just fucking love this game and can’t wait for Garry to add more stuff. I don’t think they devs will care-bear-ify the game, hopefully they understand that the people whining are just the squeaky wheel, and that most people are enjoying the game fully.

Also I think they know that people who complain about aim wobble and mouse acceleration are just new to anything with an FPS element, and that they just suck at aiming. I’d hate to see those kids play Counter Strike…