The recreation of a classic

Hey everyone,

I thought i would just put it out there that i’ve just started work on hopefully a recreation of one of the most well-known maps in the DarkRP community and that is the original rp_downtown_v4c.
I really haven’t done much at all, other than just try to recreate the little starting area.

I am very new to hammer with only a small bit of experience on Source 1 Hammer, so things don’t look too great but i’m hard at work trying to get some practise in before I’m able to start work on S&box itself

I’m curious on what you guys think about recreating old gmod maps, do you think it’s a good idea?

Anyways, thought i’d leave a little screenshot of my nicely lit, but bad looking little area :slight_smile:


Recreating maps and making them better is a good idea. But you shouldn’t just port it 1:1 from gmod. Add your own creative spin to it.

This guy has already been working on it. Hes made his own creative twist on it and it’s looking good.

Yeah i took a peak at that and thought it looked great, not sure if ill be able to make something even comparable because i’m very new, but i would love to create something that looks as good as that

I agree completely, porting maps is good and all, but it really doesn’t mean much. Sure, its nice to see some old maps with brand new textures and lighting, but i do agree that there needs to be something added or changed to make the map your own

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