The RED team seeing something disturbingly awful

I lol’d.

HARD. Nice work :v:


Good work.

Good work, but surprisingly I find some of the posing here a bit overdone, which is saying much considering it’s TF2.

The scout’s eyes, namely. Also, the spy doesn’t look natural.

Other than that, I like the picture. The rest of the posing and faceposing is great and natural. Although it’s hardly a new joke, I like the medic/heavy thing going on.

Well i made this for shits and giggles and i thought the posing wouldn’t be important for a “joke” pose.
Btw can someone guess what they are looking at?

I love the Heavy medic thing!

I have three guesses:

  1. goatse
  2. the enemy spy with scout’s mother
  3. L2D zombies doing it

lmao, the scouts eyes

Well judging by the pyro holding up 5 fingers I say it is 5 of something… Like 5 spycrabs because we all know how rare those are.

Anyways, definitely a funny pose.

Assuming the sniper was not there, I’d say they were disgusted by the sniper filling his jar.

Now tell us.
What did they see?

The Sniper’s Goatse

Nah I think they saw an OKTOBERFEEEEEST!!!

Furry fanart of themselves?

O yeah lol, sniper refilling his jarate definitely seems to be fitting. Nothing wrong with furry, although since they’re stereotypical and violent, they probably wouldn’t agree.