The Red team start their day

… by a nice breakfast cooked up by the demoman! Damn, that’s why they always win!

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No editing on this one. Everything in game.


Heavy always has infinite food so he doesn’t have to eat demoman’s breakfast.

Nice picture.

heavy is crosseyed!!!

Fixed, and How did you get his eyes to go seperate directions? =O

I lold Hard. As good as Enhanced_AI. Great posing and the heavy’s eyes, FUCK, the heavy’s eyes made me almost pee my self :O. Overall amazing job. This is what every picture in this section should look like- TF2 is dominant over any other game medium for screen shots or videos

I’ve done it on accident before, I think you have to make the eyes face you when you’re really really close to their face, and it’ll cause it to glitch and make the eyes point on opposit directions instead…

look at heavy’s eyes

Heavys eyes => get in his head in noclip mode then right click.

Whats the Scout pointing at? At first I thought it was the Demomans insane cooking, but then I scrolled across. It is a nice pose reguardless.

Pyro made me laugh

Heavy’s eyes are just silly, I don’t think they fit in.

For the rest, the scene is great. The posing is just perfect, I especially like pyro. Scout’s expression is very natural too.

Thanks everybody for the good comments! :v:

The Heavy is hilarious.

Looking all over the pic, all seems norm. Heavies eyes, just made my morning.

What the hell is up with the heavy?

I love the pyro.

"okay we’re going to have beercakes with beer juice and beer flavored bacon.

pretty cool

The perfect breakfast.
Rgh, you know, i think i’d guess by myself you were talking about my screen, no need to quote the whole shit.