+ * The ReDeadening * +

well i’m back.

because i found a video i never finished.

started this years ago.

and now it’s done.

no videos were used.

only screenshots that i animated.

tell me what ya think

I like it. It’s not much for a movie, but since you made it out of stills it’s really impressive.

That was…very interesting, and very cool

Where did crowbar come from ? :confused:

just screenshots? thats rad.

very cool. comic styled sorta thing.



It’s just a bit random, you could make a video like that but with plot and a more suitable map.

So awesome

That’s actually pretty good.

You really made this using only screenshots? Impressed.

Dmgaina did this a while ago.
But yes this is pretty good

He didn’t just use screenshots, he used editing software. This was nice! The style reminds me of The Spirit or Sin City or somethin, What programs you use? Photoshop?

adobe after effects to animate, then sony vegas to put the whole thing together