The redundancy of the P250.

I would just like to ask about the plans for the guns in the game. I haven’t really seen it mentioned in the devblog, and Garry’s mind map doesn’t mention gun availability and balance so I thought I’d ask here.

Firstly, this current build of the game is highly unbalanced. Thinking back to legacy, it was common that you would have lots of P250s, less M4s and only a few Bolt Action’s. Right now, this is quite the opposite, people don’t even bother with P250s and to be honest, I had more Rocket Launchers and Bolt Actions than Thompsons and Custom SMGs combined, last week, to summarise the first issue, the acquisition of the guns is too imbalanced, P250s should be abundant and Bolts should be rare.

Secondly, legacy had everything right when it came to the P250. It was a relatively cheap gun, and could do lots of damage in the hands of the right user. It was the type of gun brought along to gather resources, now, you would bring an AK.

Honestly, I miss the gun balance of the legacy days, but I just wanted to know from anyone in the DevTeam what the plans for guns were.


Is it true guns now require high grade metal to craft?

Indeed it is, which now worsens the situation as people wont bother wasting their hard earned high grades on a relatively shitty P250.

Stuff will get balanced over time, nothing is set in stone.

Since when are there P250s in experimental

For a couple weeks now.

Wait, are you guys calling the Semi Auto a P250?

Speak for yourself I always opt in for a Semi Auto Pistol over an AK. Won many a fights because of this too.

I am really confused here are you guys talking about the SMG?

EDIT: because the SMG has never been called the P250

It is the P250 they just used a different name. Almost identical model and sounds from Legacy.

Semi-auto pistol is basically the P250.

And since it was introduced, I’ve been rolling with a P250 most of the time. That pistol just kicks ass in every way. It’s cheap, accurate, has excellent range, and does good damage. It’s my go-to gun when I’m out and about, and I even use it hunting. The only time I really roll with an AK now (despite being able to make it) is when I’m going out to raid and I know I may get into a serious fight.

Ak is Superior in to many ways if you ask me. its kinda to sharp for an ak